JOURNEY TO ROYAL: A WWII RESCUE MISSION tells the story of Lt. Royal Stratton, a WWII rescue pilot with the 4th Emergency Rescue Squadron, who leads a mission to save the lives of nine downed airmen adrift in perilous waters of a war-torn South Pacific.  Flying unarmed into the path of the enemy, members of the 4th E.R.S. intersect with pivotal turning points of the war and must rely on their wits, skill, and fortitude to survive.  Gripping action combined with historical imagery, as well as firsthand accounts of Hollywood entertainers and service members from the Greatest Generation, paint a portrait of life in the 1940s setting the stage for events that inspired a nation and forged the most unified era in history.



During the Second World War,

the 4th Emergency Rescue Squadron was stationed on the Mariana Islands of the South Pacific.  Its crews policed flight paths searching for B-29 bombers in jeopardy and downed airmen in need of rescue in the open ocean of this war-torn theatre.  





862 Rescue Missions

6000 Hours Flying Time

89 Direct Rescues

487 Assisted Rescues

576 Total Lives Saved


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