Writer/Producer/Director :

Christopher Johnson

Mini Biography

Christopher Johnson is an American film director and producer, whose career began in the visual effects arena. Johnson designed and created the special make-up effects for the cult favorite Drop Dead Fred (1991) and created special make-up effects for Michael Mann's iconic The Last of the Mohicans (1992).

Johnson made his directorial debut with the feature film Outside of Winters Bend (1995) (V). This was followed by the supernatural thriller Shades of Darkness (2000) and Summer of Tomorrows (2003) (V) which was re-edited for a special international release in 2010.

Johnson is currently producing and directing the documentary Journey to Royal (And the 4th Emergency Rescue Squadron) through his own Misty Falls Motion Picture Company. The story recounts the last rescue mission of his great uncle, WWII rescue pilot and hero, Royal A. Stratton. A feature film of the same subject is in development.

“At the very least, we owe it to these people who fought and many of whom died, to remember them – and that’s at the VERY least. We need to honor them and salute the valor and courage that were the cornerstones of their character… the strength that lead them to be known as the greatest generation. It’s our responsibility to live in a way that reflects our appreciation for the life they’ve given to us through their service and sacrifice.”

Johnson also serves as an Imagineer on the Dimensional Design team at Walt Disney Imagineering and is a member of the Visual Effects Society.